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The Aging Rocker

by There She Is

$33.00 / On Sale

Drawing inspiration from vintage Sideshow poster art, There She Is creates a painting that tempts the viewer to see the oddity inside which happens to be an aging rocker.

This time it’s the Aging Rocker. For him, it’s still the 70’s, or the 80’s, or the 90’s…. The years have passed but the dream stays the same. He lives in the illusion that he still has his youth and that his big break is right around the corner. It’s been around the corner for decades.

Maybe a spot on the There She Is side show parade will be the chance he’s been waiting for, if the viewer would like to step inside and look!

Sideshow posters were created solely as signage for the promise of shocking and amazing “freaks of nature” often times painted over and redesigned giving the posters unusual textures and depths of color. There She Is attempts to capture this same feeling of texture and color with this piece.

16” X 20” Acrylic on canvas.