• Image of Kicked Out Of High School (Red Colorway)
  • Image of Kicked Out Of High School (Red Colorway)

Have you ever seen someone wearing their fancy school name on their sweatshirt and/or shirt then felt that ping of jealousy cuz you're a loser and got the boot out of school like myself? Well rest easy my friend, now show everyone your very own school spirit with this design, Kicked Out of High School!

Designed to look like a gym shirt with an old school styled typeface with our school's name emblazoned proudly across the top!.....Huh? Oh yeah, we got kicked out of school. Hmm...
Well students may still acknowledge each other and pay tribute to fellow alumni by calling in sick to work, putting this shirt on, grabbing their pipe and turning on their television....

Front image: Kicked Out logo with You Killed Me First below.

Back image: You Killed Me First's Spadeheart logo between the shoulder blades.

On black cotton tee, each shirt is individually printed by hand by the artist and has its own unique character.

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